Renewing your MathsMap licence

Please note that this page explains how to renew MathsMap - you cannot renew it from here, you need to log in as the main user and accept the prompt to renew.  This prompt starts to appear within one month of the expiry date.


If you are thinking of renewing your MathsMap licence, the best way to do it is to log in as the main user within 28 days before the expiry date (or at any time after the expiry date) and choose the option to renew the licence. This will keep your existing usernames and passwords.


If you renew before the expiry date the renewed licence will run for one year from the expiry date, not from the date on which you renew it, so you will not lose any part of your existing licence.


If you renew after it has expired the renewed licence will run for one year from the renewal date, not from the earlier expiry date, so once again you will not lose anything.


Many schools have asked us if their licence could be renewed automatically instead of having to log in as the main user to do it.  To do this, log in as the main user and go to My Account.  The option to choose automatic renewal is displayed and all you have to do is click on the link to switch it on.  The link changes to one which will turn off automatic renewal.  You can switch it off at any time, and return to manual renewal, by clicking on the new link.


If you have forgotten the username/password for any of your MathsMap accounts, including the main user, you can use Password Reminder on the home page to retrieve them.  You will need to remember the email address which you gave to MathsMap.  If you are not the main user, the main user can tell you what your registered email is by logging in and going to My Account>View User Login Details.  If you are the main user and you have forgotten either your username or your password or both, and you have also forgotten which email address you gave to MathsMap when the school ordered it, you will need to contact us using


If you want to change the number of users in your licence, please contact us at and we will deal with this for you. Similarly, if you have inadvertently bought a new licence instead of renewing the existing one, we can arrange to transfer the existing usernames and passwords from the old licence to the new one if you contact us with this request.


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